Thursday, April 1, 2010

The days and life of Sandy Loe my Grandmother

Check with the new land lord about staying here until i am gone. Because you are taking care of me night and day. Should be ok! Bob you know if there is money it is yours, but if it should hit something big give Cal and Robin a few hundred. Ok? other than that it belongs to you for paying off my IRS , Bankrupsy, and such Jennys furneral.
Take ashes where ever you want. Because I know its going to be hard to get Robin and Cal to help.
I couldnt do it, just want you to know this. I just wished i knew how this stuff works, and maybe help you out more. I hate having all this up to you kids it should not be this way. So sorry you guys!
Love Mom
Dates start at Sept 21 2003
Sandy Loe- Chapman

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