Thursday, February 17, 2011

Society Against Child Abuse - Help Prevent Child Abuse America

Each week, CPS (child protective services) agencies receive over 50,000 reports of neglect or types of Child abuse. It's not a light subject. Many aren't aware of how traumatic abuse can be to a child. It can change their life in a matter of an instant. This group is geared towards raising awareness in the matter and to make an effort to help stop abuse. If you join, we ask that you PLEASE invite ANYONE you know. This is for a good cause, just think, by doing this, you're helping kids across the nation and the world who are being abused each day.
Thank you,
SACA Co-Founders, Evan and Christa
(Society Against Child Abuse)

 Please click link below and Help the cause of helping Help Prevent Child Abuse